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Would you like to manage your own train? Train Station for Android is a highly addictive very complete and cute game that will delight all trains lovers

Train Station for Android Review

Google Play is full of all kinds of simulators. Why wouldn’t we be able to play with a train simulator? Among the various titles we can find Train Station stands out an addictive game that won't let you put down the screen of your Android device.

As in every business you will start with a very simple and common train. Your goal is to get all the resources you can by carrying goods or passengers to invest your earnings in the expansion of your business. Gradually you will be able to customize your experience by picking different landscapes like the west east and San Francisco or with different trains of all kinds:

Train Station Train Station Train Station

Train Station App Info

  • App Name: Train Station
  • Size: 46 MB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Version:
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Train Station is compatible with your Android Operating system

Train Station Aplication For Android

But this game that is seemingly very simple hides a lot of surprises. You not only will be able to buy trains but also to investigate and collect all kinds of items to improve the services of your transport such as wagons goods compartments decoration of the landscape second rails... There are a lot of items to buy and getting them will be a challenge since it will take you a long time. Besides each kind of wagon will give you special benefits so play your cards right and invest consciously.

You will also be able to challenge your friends and get up to 300 achievements as well as completing missions and being the proud owner of a thriving business. If only real life was that easy.

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