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How would you get on being the mayor of a city? Find out with Pocket City a complete city simulator for Android devices with a really nice design

Pocket City for Android Review

Would you like to bring your own city to life? In this city simulator from the Codebew Games studio we will be growing our population as we manage resources with all our wisdom and good work as mayors. Are you up to the challenge?

The more people who want to come and live in our town the more taxes we will collect but we will have to make sure that there are jobs and services for everyone. An industry will not function without electricity and water but each facility has a limited spatial reach. This is a delicate balance that we must maintain if our city is to be prosperous.

Pocket City Pocket City Pocket City

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  • App Name: Pocket City
  • Size: 33 MB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Version: 0.046388889
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Pocket City is compatible with your Android Operating system

Pocket City Aplication For Android

As time goes by our city will generate profits. We will be able to invest this money in different constructions like:

There are a lot of possibilities for creation so each city will be unique. Schools public transport mansions hospitals fire stations parks... As we go up in level we will have access to more and more constructions so that our city works in harmony and our neighbours are happy.

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