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The most famous cars in the toy store take a virtual plunge in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop a fun and entertaining racing game with lots of jumps and stunts

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop for Android Review

Enjoy the thrill of racing games with this extraordinary official title developed by Mattel. The most famous toy cars come to life in this virtual world where you can compete in exciting eight-player real-time PvP races.

To enjoy these spectacular races we'll have two steering buttons for cornering the skid button and the power button which will recharge over time. Acceleration is automatic so you can concentrate on enjoying the experience and knocking down cars that get in your way.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop App Info

  • App Name: Hot Wheels Infinite Loop
  • Size: 846 MB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Version: 01.03.06
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is compatible with your Android Operating system

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Aplication For Android

This excellent title has several game modes challenges and leagues. This way we can participate in eight-player PvP races in real time but we have many other options at our disposal.

And of course we can also collect a lot of classic cars from Hot Wheels that we can level up as we win tournaments and challenges. On the other hand the visual section is amazing and has some spectacular three-dimensional designs that fit perfectly with a very cool soundtrack. If you like car racing games it's already taking a while to download the APK file.

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