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Are you in Korea or you have a trip planned? KakaoMap is an alternative to Google Maps where you will find directions to arrive quickly in your destination

KakaoMap for Android Review

What would we do today without geolocation or Google Maps? Younger generations amaze at how we used to be able to arrive at our destination with a simple road map. This was the case for the inhabitants of South Korea the only country in the world without access to Google Maps.

All this fuss comes from a 1947 South Korean law that forces the government to impose all kinds of measures and restrictions to protect the country of South Korea. Hence mapping information of this country could not be yielded to Google. However if you access Maps you will see the information of this country with a different style since this American company has been replaced by local ones like KakaoMap.

KakaoMap KakaoMap KakaoMap

KakaoMap App Info

  • App Name: KakaoMap
  • Size: 76.7 MB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Version: 01.12.04
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • KakaoMap is compatible with your Android Operating system

KakaoMap Aplication For Android

The Korean company Kakao Corp. has created this application so that you can find all you are looking for in a digital map. Thus this tool offers routes for cars public transport bikes and pedestrians as well as information in real-time on the fastest routes and waiting times.

You don't have to install another navigation app since this one is autonomous. Besides you can use the two-dimensional visualization a 3D map or even the bird's-eye view so you can see the buildings in three dimensions. In addition it indicates places interest according to their location like restaurants shops and sports centers.

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