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My Talking Tom is the most lively virtual pet that you'll have to look after and entertain on Android. It comes along with hundreds of customizable elements

My Talking Tom for Android Review

Talking Tom Cat has been one of the most successful virtual pets on smartphones going way beyond what Tamagotchis offered us over 20 years ago. The former is based on all the advantages offered by mobile platforms by means of their touchscreen and multimedia options. The fact is that together with Pou and others it has become a mass phenomenon that has even led to new games and new friends: My Talking Angela My Talking Hank Talking Tom Jetski or Gold Run both on Android and iPhone as well as Windows PCs. And of course we can't forget about this My Talking Tom.

Well this game definitely won't be a stranger to you. Its APK allows us to adopt a cat give him a name and let him into our lives. And just like all living beings he's going to require plenty of your attention: you'll have to feed him keep him entertained but also wash him and dress him. All these functions are fully customizable being able to apply our own style to any aspect of the game.

My Talking Tom My Talking Tom My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom App Info

  • App Name: My Talking Tom
  • Size: 90.1 MB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Version:
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • My Talking Tom is compatible with your Android Operating system

My Talking Tom Aplication For Android

The game has been such a hit that apart from the above-mentioned spin-offs its developers have also released other versions such as Talking Tom 2 and 3 as well as seasonal mods. In other words when it's Christmas you can dress him Christmassy motifs.

Among all those stupid rumors that are always spreading on the Internet and are shared via WhatsApp faster than light you've probably heard about the hoax arisen from a group of over-motivated moms and dads that state that the cat has got a camera hiding in its eyes to record your kids on video and share it with evil Russian webs to later extort you. Just a load of rubbish. The cat doesn't record anyone on video and doesn't traffic with your organs either. Some people just believe anything they hear...

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