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Join exciting naval battles palying World Warships Combat a game for Android devices in which players can sail and fight with real historical ships

World Warships Combat for Android Review

Naval combat comes to life on your Android thanks to this arcade game by the BraveTale Studio. Go back to the 20th century choose your ship find the best strategy and jump into action at high sea to leave no enemy standing.

To attack enemy ships or aircraft you have missiles and ammunition that you can use when they are active as they require reloading after one use. Players also have shields to block enemy attacks but these are limited.

World Warships Combat World Warships Combat World Warships Combat

World Warships Combat App Info

  • App Name: World Warships Combat
  • Size: 44 MB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Version: 01.00.13
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • World Warships Combat is compatible with your Android Operating system

World Warships Combat Aplication For Android

Between battles you can buy new ships and improve the ones you already have. You can also invest in damage defense speed and reloading. Additionally the ships have been carefully designed but the rest is quite simple.

In fact it is a very straightforward 3-D shooting game that provides players with smooth and fluid (maybe a bit much) gameplay experience. Moreover the developers are working on a multiplayer mode to add appeal to this title.

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