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Aurora HDR for Windows PC offers us advanced features for photo editing. Its functions satisfy the most realistic and also the most creative users

Aurora HDR for Windows Review

There's life beyond Photoshop in the world of photo editing as you probably already know. There are alternatives to Adobe's program that as efficient or even more so as is the case of Aurora HDR. It's one of the most advanced high-dynamic range photo editors that we can download to our Windows PC as well as for computers equipped with macOS.

One of the advantages that we'll find in Aurora's editor is its user interface. To use it you won't need to muck around with impossible control panels as it has been designed offering all the tools in a clear manner so it isn't hard to find the different functions. The basic actions are all located on the upper bar whilst the right-hand-side toolbar includes drop-down menus with advanced editing actions which are also easy to understand.

Aurora HDR Aurora HDR Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR App Info

  • App Name: Aurora HDR
  • Size: 23.3 MB
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Version: 2019
  • Licence: TRIAL
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Aurora HDR is compatible with your Windows Operating system

Aurora HDR Aplication For Windows

These are the main features included in this powerful image editor:

The new Aurora HDR 2019 comes along with interesting new features that we've described below:

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