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Create the best photo collages in a simple manner with the possibility to add funny stickers text frames and much more by downloading Pic Collage

Pic Collage for Windows Review

So photo editors are really cool and great to be able to delete people from your photos or remove your flaws. But some people just prefer their photos as they are without filters or edits and don't want to change anything. Can you just edit an image or group of images to add funny effects without applying photo enhancements that you're not interested in?

Pic Collage available for PC has the answer to that. You'll be able to edit your photos adding stickers of different topics text or freehand drawings obtaining a style similar to Instagram Stories with the advantage that you won't be limited to only editing vertical pictures.

Pic Collage Pic Collage Pic Collage

Pic Collage App Info

  • App Name: Pic Collage
  • Size: 43.7 MB
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Version:
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Pic Collage is compatible with your Windows Operating system

Pic Collage Aplication For Windows

The first thing to do is download the app which you can get hold of through our Download button. Once you've opened it you'll have 3 editing options:

Once you've finished adding elements and put everything in the right place just press the button with an arrow to be able to share your photo online on social networks or download it to your PC.

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