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iTunes 64 bits is the version for 64-bit systems of the application to manage iOS devices play and purchase all sorts of songs and movies from a Windows PC

iTunes 64 bits for Windows Review

If you've got an iOS device of the likes of an iPhone iPad or iPod touch you know that to manage it from a Windows PC or Mac you'll need to have iTunes installed. But not only can it help you to synchronize your iPhone with your PC as it also behaves like a multimedia player and the most important thing for Apple it also grants you access to the contents store managed by the Californian company.

Well officially it's Apple's media player. Its mission is to organize and synchronize all the brand's devices allow the user to purchase music movies and videos and play all these multimedia contents. Its first version goes way back to January of 2003 but it's really based on an application called SoundJam MP the rights of which were purchased by the company founded by Steve Jobs.

iTunes 64 bits iTunes 64 bits iTunes 64 bits

iTunes 64 bits App Info

  • App Name: iTunes 64 bits
  • Size: 265 MB
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Version:
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • iTunes 64 bits is compatible with your Windows Operating system

iTunes 64 bits Aplication For Windows

Estimations say that this application generates annual earnings of around 12 billion dollars offering to the date the download of almost 30 billion songs all over the world. There are versions for different operating systems as we mentioned above but if yours is a 64-bit system then you should be interested in this iTunes 64 bits.

The latest version of iTunes implements changes and improvements such as the following:

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