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Civilization VI which isn't number 6 in the series of games conceived by Sid Meier is back to offer us the chance to reign over a new civilization

Civilization VI for Windows Review

Civilization appeared in 1991 thanks to the video game designer Sid Meier. It was a turn-based strategy game that worked under a simple premise: choose a civilization from the history of mankind and make it evolve from the Stone Age to the future. Over 25 years later and 35 million copies sold this saga is back with Civilization VI which offers us the same challenge but with uncountable improvements.

It isn't the sixth title in this saga but apart from expansions number eight after the successful Civilization V and Beyond Earth. We're back to the usual things: building an empire that resists the pass of time and becomes millenary. For such purpose you'll have to investigate and discover expand yourself wage wars and above all evolve. And you'll have to so faster than your rivals as progress is the key that will make you overshadow your enemies.

Civilization VI Civilization VI Civilization VI

Civilization VI App Info

  • App Name: Civilization VI
  • Size: 12 GB
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Version:
  • Licence: PAID
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Civilization VI is compatible with your Windows Operating system

Civilization VI Aplication For Windows

Among its main features we'll find updates that will make the gaming experience much more dynamic:

You'll enjoy this new installment of the saga like never before. It comes along with stylish graphics new animations and the participation of actors of the likes of Sean Bean for the voice-overs. And if you're wondering how to install it you've only got to click on our link to access Steam straight away.

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