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With Homescapes for PC we can play the famous match 3 puzzle game in which we'll refurbish our house as we complete the panels now on our computer desktop

Homescapes for Windows Review

Games about matching 3 or more tiles on a board the so-called match 3 games similar to Candy Crush are really addictive. It doesn't really matter what they're about any excuse is good enough to come up with one of these puzzles and Homescapes is the perfect example.

What we have to do here is help Austin the butler to refurbish and decorate a mansion to keep its owners happy. One of the most interesting aspects is that not only can we decorate the house to our own liking but we can also discover episodes about the family's exciting background.

Homescapes Homescapes Homescapes

Homescapes App Info

  • App Name: Homescapes
  • Size: 146 MB
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Version: Homescapes 3.4.3
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Homescapes is compatible with your Windows Operating system

Homescapes Aplication For Windows

These are the main features of a game in which we'll have to solve the panels to advance in the refurbishment of our mansion:

You've probably heard about this game because it's tremendously popular on Android and iPhone. Well now we're offering you the chance to download Homescapes for Windows and make the most of one of the most complete match 3 games now on your computer's desktop. For such purpose simply click on the green Download button and get hold of the APK file and an Android emulator to have a great time on your PC.

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