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How many times going over last night's photos have you seen something odd in the background? Someone doing a photobomb an embarrassing situation or an object that shouldn't be there...

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Zoom App Info

  • App Name: Zoom
  • Size: PAID
  • Operating System: 1.1
  • Version: Zoom Enhance! GIFs based on your photos
  • Licence: iPhone
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Zoom is compatible with your 1.1 Operating system

Zoom Aplication For 1.1

Now with Zoom Enhance! you've got the perfect application for your iPhone or iPad to enhance all those situations because as you can gather from its name it allows you to zoom into those photos and bring them to the forefront creating a GIF of the entire process.

There's no secret to using it. Open a photo from the application zoom in until you find the detail you want to put all your stress on and hit the button to create a GIF. The result will be an animation that will show you the transition from the original image to the element you've zoomed into. Now you've just got to share it with your friends to have a good old laugh.

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