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Forget about stressful farm games: if you want to grow plants in a relaxed manner you have to play Prune a game in which your goal is to make a tree grow

Prune for iPhone Review

If you try to think about harvesting games titles such as FarmVille or Hay Day spring to mind. In other words the typical farming games for mobile phones. However there are other rather different growing games such as Prune.

By just swiping a finger across the screen you can grow and shape your tree that will direct its branches towards the sun. You'll have to avoid the hostility of the surrounding world and try to bring life to a desolated landscape trying to unveil the story hidden in the depths of the land.

Prune Prune Prune

Prune App Info

  • App Name: Prune
  • Size: 69.1 MB
  • Operating System: iPhone
  • Version: 0.042361111
  • Licence: PAID
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Prune is compatible with your iPhone Operating system

Prune Aplication For iPhone

In this game you'll find certain features that make it very special:

A minimalist and relaxing game with which you'll be able to chill out.

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