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Zen is a dedicated application for iPhone and iPad that offers you relaxation and meditation techniques as well as exercises to control your mood

Zen for iPhone Review

Telling yourself to relax is very easy but doing so is much more complicated. Life in modern society keeps us on the edge of a nerve or psychotic attack. When was the last time you made some time for yourself to relax and just concentrate on your own wellbeing? Probably never. Zen for iPhone iPad Apple TV and Apple Watch helps us to take that break we need to prevent us from killing somebody.

As soon as we open Zen we'll receive a motivational quote. There are several themes that will change randomly each time access the app although we can also explore them at our own will. But the greatest feature of Zen has to do with its therapies its exercises and its breathing activities. However it's not free of charge so you're going to have to pay a price if you want to unwind.

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Zen App Info

  • App Name: Zen
  • Size: 69.5 MB
  • Operating System: iPhone
  • Version: 03.00.09
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Zen is compatible with your iPhone Operating system

Zen Aplication For iPhone

What's included in the app? With the premium version you can access several types of guided meditation processes that are changed every week. The most common targets to be dealt with are the following:

Just listen to the indications given by the app's voiceover enjoy watching relaxing videos and control your breathing with the audio files to gain in life quality and mental balance. Furthermore it also includes a mood calendar to register your emotional stability. Make sure you keep it private if you don't want somebody to turn up on your doorstep with a straitjacket.

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