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The LingoDeer application for Android devices proposes a new and interesting method to study and learn languages by spending only ten minutes a day

LingoDeer for Android Review

Learning a language is not easy. If you take a look at the catalog of apps to study new languages on your Android you will discover a large number of options available. But which one should you choose? LingoDeer offers you a simple and effective learning method that will only take ten minutes a day encouraging you to come back to the app again and again. Before starting you have to choose the language you want to learn:

This educational tool is designed by professionals covering all aspects of language: alphabet grammar vocabulary pronunciation listening comprehension oral expression reading and writing. It also includes multiple exercises as well as a user-friendly system to learn and memorize new alphabets (such as Russian or Japanese ideograms) with a sound visual and written system.

LingoDeer LingoDeer LingoDeer

LingoDeer App Info

  • App Name: LingoDeer
  • Size: 42 MB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Version: 2.79
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • LingoDeer is compatible with your Android Operating system

LingoDeer Aplication For Android

This application includes over 60 units with 150 different lessons that will make you master a new language by spending little time each day. It also uses a card system to help you memorize new words and reinforce vocabulary already learned. All this is complemented with recordings of native speakers and detailed and simple explanations on how each language works.

Its interface is modern nice and minimalist and has a mode to operate without an internet connection. Although to be able to access all its functionalities you will have to pay a subscription you can try it for free before you spend your money.

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