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With Soula WhatsApp for Android you can control certain aspects of the privacy and functioning of the famous chat and instant messaging application

Soula WhatsApp for Android Review

Although it's supposed to be a violation of the terms of use of WhatsApp because it isn't open-source software there are dozens of mods developed based on the original application that can be used to add new features or extend the functions of this chat app.

Thus we can equip our favorite instant messaging and chat app with the following functions:

Soula WhatsApp Soula WhatsApp Soula WhatsApp

Soula WhatsApp App Info

  • App Name: Soula WhatsApp
  • Size: 23.8 MB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Version: 6.15
  • Licence: FREE
  • Install: Follow the installation instruction Properly
  • Soula WhatsApp is compatible with your Android Operating system

Soula WhatsApp Aplication For Android

All these features and functions will allow you to install on your phone an app that will provide you with a better user experience when it comes to sending messages and chatting with your mates as all these minor details improve the functioning of the original app whilst they increase our customization options to the max.

All in all if you want to add new functions to WhatsApp and make the most of the conversations with your friends and other contacts download the APK of this mod right now. Remember that you'll have to uninstall the original app before otherwise the operating system will detect it as a duplicate. However we really recommend you to carry out a backup before uninstalling anything if you want to keep your conversations and chats to be able to restore them in the future once you've installed Soula on your smartphone.

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